Office flooring and furnishings are places where work gets done. But, it can also be an effective host for various bacteria, viruses, and fungi. With so many employees spending so much time in their cubicles, it’s a microbial paradise. That is why it’s essential to clean workplace furniture and floors frequently and accurately to maintain a healthy, productive atmosphere. Find out how frequently you should clean different types of office furniture with the aid of the professionals at Redline Restoration.

How Often Do You Need to Get Offices Deep Cleaned?

As a rule of thumb, businesses should have their office spaces deep cleaned on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to ensure every nook and cranny is pristine. The exact frequency will, of course, depend on the number of employees and the nature of your firm. Furthermore, many company owners schedule thorough cleaning services for special occasions, such as critical business partner visits or after holding an office party.

In any case, you should schedule office deep cleaning services if you realize that regular cleaning isn’t doing the trick or if your business is holding an important event.

The Importance of Office Deep Cleaning

When it comes to office spaces, sometimes a regular sweep and brush won’t do. A thorough cleaning at least two to three times a year guarantees the health and safety of your workplace. While you might think it’s unnecessary and costly, you must remember that you spend a significant portion of your time at work. As such, it must be clean and sanitary so that your health is not jeopardized.

A thorough cleaning from a reputable service provider aids in the removal of hazardous materials that are not visible to the human eye. These potentially hazardous components include allergens, dust particles, mildew, and even bacteria that have become embedded in your workplace curtains, carpets, microwaves, and other furnishings.

Deep cleaning sanitizes and cleans the deep corners of your workplace to guarantee that no bacteria thrive in the dark and neglected areas.

Deep Cleaning Versus Regular Cleaning

A deep clean entails a more extensive cleaning technique. Under normal conditions, a workplace cleaner can maintain a pretty clean and tidy area by following a standard cleaning schedule that includes hoovering, dusting, and light cleaning. In contrast, a deep cleaning session will include cleaning and sanitizing all nooks and crannies, surfaces, and corners of your workstation.

The service often involves complex and time-consuming cleaning procedures that are rarely included in routine cleanings, such as:

  • Disinfecting light fixtures, switches, and other high-contact surfaces like doorknobs and railings.
  • Thorough carpet vacuuming using a HEPA-filter vacuum.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning blinds, windowsills, and curtains
  • Cleaning a refrigerator and other equipment inside and out.
  • Sanitizing the toilets, sinks, tiles, and other hard-to-access fixtures
  • Dusting baseboards, ledges, and vents.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting workstations, displays, and keyboards.


A tidy workplace environment communicates a lot to people who enter its doors. They give a welcome breath of fresh air, making people feel at ease and calm. On the other side, stinky flooring and dusty air vents may make them feel uneasy, if not sick. 

Your office should be a safe and healthy environment where you can get the most work done with the fewest distractions. This can be readily accomplished with at least a quarterly deep cleaning over a year.

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