No one ever anticipates tragedy, especially not one happening in their home. The impact of such a devastating event on the emotions of the family members is already overwhelming. Add to that the task of dealing with the mess caused by the crime and any property damage could be too much for the family to handle.

Even if you don’t want to entertain thoughts of something like this happening on your property, knowing what to do and who to call is crucial in the event that a tragedy happens. In this post, Redline Restoration specialists share what you should know and do if a crisis occurs:

What a Crime Scene Would Be Like

Each crime is different, but often, the scenes they leave are the same. For someone who is not used to seeing such a scenario, just the sight of blood can be traumatic. But blood you will most probably see, particularly if a knife or a gun was used in a crime. You might get shocked to see so much blood.

Depending on when the horrendous crime happened and how long the body has been left in that spot, the smell of dried blood can also fill the room. The carpet and the floor beneath could absorb the blood, making it doubly hard for an average person to handle the cleaning. Some think they can, only to realize later on that even if they can handle it emotionally, they might not know exactly how to remove all that blood. In a situation where there’s very little blood, you still shouldn’t attempt to do a crisis cleanup.

What You Need to Do First

If you happen to be the person who discovers the tragedy, you might be overwhelmed by your emotions. However, you must collect yourself and remember to do this significant first step:

Call the police. You might get the urge to inspect the scene or check on the victim, but you shouldn’t. It’s important not to touch anything, get out of the house and wait for the police to come so they could first determine the cause of death.

If there’s foul play, they need to be able to have the first access to the scene so they can catch the guilty party. It’s also important to call the police right away to protect yourself because any delay or disturbance can make you a suspect. Even something as minor as moving a chair or tracking soil inside the crime scene can destroy evidence, so leave the crime scene alone.

Who You Should Call Next

Once the police have cleared the area for cleaning, you need to call a reliable company that offers professional crisis clean-up services. Note that not all regular cleaning companies accept crime-scene cleanups. So, make sure that you disclose that they’re going to be taking care of a mess caused by a tragedy.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you and your loved ones would be devastated if you lost someone to a heinous crime. Don’t add the weight of cleaning up the scene to the burden you are carrying. As soon as you have contacted the authorities and they have given you the green light that the home can be cleaned, make sure that you contact a reputable crisis clean-up and restoration specialists to help you out.

Redline Restoration offers water, fire, and trauma clean-up services to residential and commercial clients in Florida. Contact our team to know how we can help you restore your home to overcome a tragedy.