Storm Damage & Cleanup

No house is safe from storms! Even though your home is supposed to be sturdy enough to protect you and your belongings, it’s not indestructible. Some parts of your property have a chance of giving away or getting damaged with enough force brought about by environmental elements.

Storms are perhaps one of the most number one things to watch out for when living in Florida since Central Florida, in particular, receives the most thunderstorms per year. With the whipping winds, torrential downpours, power outages, and floods, you should brace yourself for any damage your property will incur from dangerous storms.

Even though there’s very little you can do to prevent storms from wreaking havoc on your property, you do have control over how to ensure your home becomes a livable space after the weather disaster! With the help of our skilled professionals at Redline Restoration, you can rest assured that your house will be back to normal in no time!

Common Storm Damage in the Home

Mother Nature can do a whole lot of damage to your house when it attacks. Although storm damage seems minor, the destruction any natural disaster brings could greatly affect your home, safety, and life! 

Your house will always be in the course of a disaster, so you should make sure to watch out for any issues to avoid long-term problems. To determine what kind of maintenance and cleanup service your house needs, it’s essential to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Once the disaster has passed and you have ensured your safety, call our expert team at Redline Restoration to help you deal with common storm damage scenarios such as:

Lightning Damage

Aside from the threat of fires and severe structural damage, lightning storms can also affect the electrical system of your home. 

Even if your lighting rods have done their job in channeling the energy to the ground, your wiring, appliances, antennas, and cable or telephone lines may still be affected by lightning. Our team at Redline Restoration will ensure that we can restore your property to normal after an electrical fire.

Wind Damage

High, severe winds can have a significant impact on your house’s structure and its surroundings. The worst winds could cause trees and polls to fall near or on your property. Just call our experts at Redline Restoration to ensure the integrity of your home and your safety as well.

Flood Damage

Heavy rains can lead to flooding, which poses a serious risk to your property and security. Pooling water within the home can lead to dangerous contamination and damage to the house’s foundation and structure. Prevent the growth of mold by having water extracted from your house. We offer water restoration damage services, ensuring that the risks of mold spread and mildew buildup caused by flooding will be eliminated. 

Residential and Commercial Storm Damage & Cleanup

Weather damage from any natural disaster, such as a hurricane, can severely impact your home and your life. But, even if it seems like your house can’t return to the state it was before the storm, it’s still possible, with our help. No matter what kind of weather has affected your home, Redline Restoration will be by your side to provide the damage repairs you need!

Whether you have a flooding problem or a hurricane debris issue, just leave it to us at Redline Restoration! With our excellent and reliable storm damage & cleanup service, you’ll be able to live happily and safely in your home once again. Give us a call at 561-634-6820 or fill out the client booking form to find out how we can help.