Before buying, selling, or renting a home, conduct an inspection to determine the property’s status. It’s important to know if there is potential water damage. Water damage, often caused by floods, fires, or leaks, can cause structural damage and mold. It presents a health and safety risk to the home’s occupants. Therefore, it is crucial to know the early signs of water damage in a home.

  • Start Outside.

This narrows down the cause of home water damage from external sources if you start from the outside. Inspect if the home or structure sits on the area’s highest point, with the ground sloping away from the house. If it does not sit on the highest point, water damage may occur in the foundation as the water accumulates on the sides of your home. A regular inspection by a professional can ensure that your foundation is in good shape while all issues are addressed.

Next, check that downspouts that divert water away from the house are intact and properly attached. A minor leak or clog can lead to expensive damage to the property. Try to look for cracked shingles on your roof, as they can lead to leaks in the attic. Once the attic is damaged, it can also affect the structural integrity of the ceiling. 

Last, check for exterior windows and door frames. If there are soft spots and slight separations, it could lead to humidity in your house, which leads to mold. 

  • Check the Inside.

The most common signs of water damage within the house are water rings on the ceilings or walls, pointing to a leak in the pipes. While they are easy to notice, more minor stains are also common and harder to detect. 

You can listen for water leaks in case you can’t see water rings on ceilings and walls. Cracked or warped tiles are also significant indicators of water damage. Flooring can warp, split, or crack as soon as the water seeps in. Inspect the corners and tight areas for these signs regularly to avoid worse damage.

  • Check the Attic and Basement.

The attic is one of the areas in a house that’s likely to have water damage. An older or poorly maintained roof can lead to water damage and leaks, especially in severe weather such as storms. Search for signs in the attic area, around the chimney, or roof vents where the roof planes join together and walls meet.

Meanwhile, water damage can occur because of a leaking water heater, foundation leak, or flood damage. A sudden burst pipe can also cause it inside or outside the home. Water damage can destroy flooring, drywall, furniture, and storage items. If left unattended, mold is likely to develop along with a musty odor.


Water damage is something everyone experiences. However, it is easy to avoid the damage as long as you pay attention to the signs. Keep in mind that water damage can come from both interior and external causes. Paying attention to the weather and climate also helps in combatting water damage.

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